1. Over the course of the summit we have interacted with over 40 speakers on various energy topics.
  2. We all started on page one of Alberta’s energy landscape story. Then we moved onto the topic of Energy and the Environment. Learning that these two ‘e’ words should be considered as “both and” and not “either or.”
  3. We were exposed to varying perspectives of what the future holds for Alberta’s energy development.
  4. Challenged and stretched our leadership and team building muscles in GenerRace!
  5. Heard from an Olympian the importance of knowing your role within a team and that perseverance pays off.
  6. We had conversations with professionals working within Alberta’s diverse energy i sector and from the organizations that want to support those who will become the next generation of energy leaders. And then we were all blown out of the water with the big ideas of four energy leaders of today.
  7. Our special guest, the Honorable Frank Oberle, re-iterated the importance energy education plays in Alberta’s future and applauded all of you for your commitment Generate and to continuing energy education within your communities.
  8. Projects in Motion provided the teams with the opportunity to gain hands-on skills to take the energy education projects to the next level.
  9. We danced the night away under the beautiful mountain skies.
  10. Gained new friendships and realized the large generational gap between Busta Moves and Shake it off.
  11. And that brings us to today, where you have had the opportunity to provide constructive feedback to all of the amazing energy education projects in this room.

So how do we sum up the last twelve days?

The Twelve Days of Generate

  • Twelve brand new schools
  • Eleven ways to wear buffs
  • Ten #gener8 selfies
  • Nine energy sources
  • Eight outdoor stations
  • Seven sick new dance moves
  • Six brains per team
  • Five Projects in Motion
  • Four bus groups
  • Three meals a day
  • Two co-chairs
  • And one weekend you’ll never forget!

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