In 2011, the team from Fairview, AB hosted a public photography exhibit on energy in their community.
A Generate team from Fairview, AB hosted a public photography exhibit on energy in their community.

“I learned that we can make a difference and our goals are possible.” – Kate, Generate, student

Energy education won’t stop at the summit!

The Energy & Climate Education Projects are a unique way your team can share the knowledge, perspectives, and inspiration gained at the Generate Summit.  Inside Education will support your passion for innovative solutions and give you the tools you need to share it with your school, community, province or even country by developing and implementing a unique Energy & Climate Education Project.

What exactly is energy education, anyway?

Well, first of all, to call yourself energy literate, you must have the knowledge of where your energy comes from and how your use of energy affects the environment, economy, society, and culture. After you gain this understanding, energy education is all about applying it and that’s where this project comes in. It’s up to your team to put your words into meaningful action for your school and community.

What kind of project should we consider?

Project possibilities are limitless: create a presentation, hold an energy stewardship day, create a video, mentor younger students, improve your school’s energy footprint or build on an existing school project.

Your Generate project is a meaningful education and action plan to engage your school and community with what your team has experienced at the summit. The guidelines below are some key things to consider. The goal of the project is for your teams to promote energy and climate education and stewardship. Think about ways your team can be energy ambassadors in your school and community. Some helpful items to keep in mind while you work on the project:

  • Who will be your audience and what is the best way to share the summit with them?
  • Does your project connect directly or indirectly to energy and climate topics discussed at the summit?
  • How will your project promote positive environmental stewardship behaviours?
  • Is your project student-led? (From experience we know that these projects are the most successful)
  • How will you know if your project has been a success?
  • Have you set achievable goals and timelines?
  • Most importantly, is your team motivated and inspired by the project?

The sky is the limit! Be as creative as you wish!

Need some inspiration? We are very proud to share the energy education projects that are already in action from schools that attended Generate 2011/2013/2015/2017.