CBe-learn and Career & Technology Centre, Calgary

A unique group of students from different schools across Calgary will combine their knowledge and expertise through the publication of a children’s book that highlights energy literacy for up and coming energy leaders.

Gerer8 2013 day 1 363Chief Napeweaw Comprehensive School, Frog Lake

With so much information generated at the Summit, this team is turning their attention to learning about their community.
They researched the local oil and gas operations to discover where development is occurring on traditional lands.

Forest Lawn High School, Calgary

This team transformed the energy from the Summit into mechanical energy by connecting their school’s fitness equipment to electrical generators to bring new life to their gym so they can keep fit and have fun.

Fort Saskatchewan High School, Fort Saskatchewan

This team is full of energy and ideas. They were so inspired by Generate 2013 that they are planning their own summit to share the information across the Elk Island School Division!

Hughenden Public School, Hughenden

One of the key concepts this team wants to share is about our oil sands. Struck by the new information on SAGD technology and the misconceptions among their friends and family, this team is going to set the record straight through “Have you heard about the oil sands?” presentations.

Gerer8 2013 day 1 254J. Percy Page High School, Edmonton

The team from J. Percy Page is getting their creative juices flowing by putting together a series of energy literacy information posters that will be put up around the school. This, along with a student-led initiative to install water bottle foundations, highlights their commitment to the environment.

Jasper Junior/Senior High School

Jasper is thinking sustainability and this group was keen on engineering. With this they are retrofitting and revitalizing one of their portable classrooms to have a Net Zero design.

Lloydminster Comprehensive High School, Lloydminster

This team knows how important it is to share energy and environmental literacy with their peers, and they know their fellow students are eager to take the message to the next level at their school. Culminating with the inception of Lloydminster High School’s Environment and Sustainability Club.

Lord Beaverbrook High School, Calgary

This team will cycle their way to energy efficiency and lower emissions with plans for a bicycle rally, long distance bike trips and the purchase of a bike generator. Pedal Power!

Gerer8 2013 day 1 117Medicine Hat High School, Medicine Hat

A series of small changes will make a big impact in Southern Alberta. This team is going to share their experience by hosting events for their peers, and have plans to build water filters, solar lanterns, install energy monitors and implement a school-wide recycling program.

Mistassiniy School, Wabasca

“Tuning in from Generate” the Mistassiniy team is broadcasting energy and environmental literacy across the school on their closed-circuit televisions. Plans to generate electricity using bicycle generators are also underway.

Oilfields High School, Black Diamond

Two big projects are on the horizon as students from Oilfields High School put their energy literacy to action. They will implement a school-wide recycling program and educate their peers on the importance and value of paying attention to the products we consume.

Peace River High School, Peace River

Inspired by our Generate energy audit, calculating carbon will be the motto for the upcoming weeks at Peace High as this team strives to evaluate their school’s carbon footprint.

Ponoka_SparkingPonoka Composite High School, Ponoka

There’s a bright future for this team as they expand upon their solar panel project and generate excitement about energy and sustainability in their school and community.

Queen Elizabeth High School, Edmonton

Through their well-established SLISE (Student-Led Initiatives for Sustainability Education) program, this team will use their installed solar panels and smart meters to measure and offset their school’s carbon footprint.

Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School, Okotoks

Big projects are being planned in Okotoks; building from the community’s interest in sustainable development, the team will bring the outdoors inside through the installation of a living wall where plants will help transform the air and environment in the school.

Tsuu T’ina High School, Tsuu T’ina

Stewardship and the environment were key themes that this team wanted their peers to recognize as they bring new life and better air to Tsuu T’ina. They are working with renewed energy on their plans to construct a living wall in their school.