Generate 2011 sparked many ideas for meaningful energy projects in schools and communities across Alberta. The stories below are a summary of the hard work and commitment of a truly amazing group of students and teachers.

Lloydminster Comprehensive High School
Alternative Energy and You

The environment club at LCHS really gained momentum at Generate 2011 and they are ready to share their knowledge and experience with the entire school. These exemplary students have designed a presentation that showcases alternative energy and highlights Alberta’s role in long term sustainable energy solutions. Using videos, smartboards, and models the team visited different classes throughout the month of May to engage and educate the staff and students in their school.

Kainai School, Cardston
Energy Workshop, June 9, 2011

The Kainai energy literacy team represents a new voice and a new vision for Kainai School. They have been busy putting together daylong workshop that will kick start their long term goal for school-based sustainability and increased awareness about energy development in their community. The team has planned a variety of hands on activities including building solar lanterns and solar cars, and planting native and medicinal plants with community elders.

Fox Creek School, Fox Creek
Energy Conservation and YOU

What is energy? What is energy conservation? What can I do to make a difference? Ask the Fox Creek team, they have put together specialized education plans for each grade level in their school! Including activities and discussions these dynamic presentations are sure raise awareness and get every student involved. Everyone will also be asked to sign an energy stewardship contract to show his or her personal commitment to making a difference.

M.E. LaZerte School, Edmonton
Building New Roots

This busy school in the heart of Edmonton wants to showcase their learning their doorstep. Plans for exterior solar lighting and a schoolyard revegetation / revitalization project will bring new life to the school and community. This dedicated team of staff and students are working hard to enlist the help of the City, the school board, community league and local business to get their project underway. Collaboration is the key to success.

Memorial Composite High School, Stony Plain
Reaching out: school, community and global connections

Inspired by similar groups they met at the summit, April 1 marked the beginning of a new influence at Memorial Composite – the Gener8 Green Club. The club will hit the ground running armed with information, experience and connections from Generate 2011. They already have plans for school-based initiatives such as recycling programs, composting and a new school garden!  Welcome and good luck to the all the present and future members of the Gener8 Green Club.

Westwood Community High School, Fort McMurray
Education and Engagement the Westwood Way

This dedicated Generate team has a multi-faceted plan that will promote education and awareness. Working together with the eco-club, social studies classes, and school staff, this team hopes to make sustainability part of everyday life at Westwood. Starting with a locker clean up that will look a little different when this team ensures recycling bins and donation boxes collect all the waste that was once wasted. Ideas and energy are apparent in this team that is also promoting recycling and compositing projects at Westwood and other schools, writing letters to City Council to showcase their efforts, and have putting together a schoolyard naturalization project. WOW!

St. Augustine School, Ponoka
Energy Awareness Week – May 2-6, 2011
UCAN! (Understanding Conservation And New Ideas)

Stewardship and energy literacy came to life during this exciting week at St. Augustine. This team is getting the whole school involved for a week focused on personal action. Join the students each day of the week by participating in your school, home or office; turn off the lights on Medieval Monday, bring your reusable water bottle on Thirsty Tuesday, get out and about on Walking Wednesday, think green on Thoughtful Thursday and drive your friends around on Carpool Frenzy Friday! Join in with Ponoka and make a difference.

Queen Elizabeth High School, Edmonton
Smart Metering = A Smart Idea

The student leadership team is thinking long term with their goal of installing smart energy meters to monitor the schools electrical consumption. Connecting smart meters to their recently installed solar modules is an exciting opportunity to explore emerging technologies and innovations in renewable energy. They will use the data they collect to help guide the schools conservation and energy reduction efforts and increase awareness. The system will also function as a long-term cross-curricular learning tool using the data in their math, science and social studies classes.

Winston Churchill High School, Pincher Creek
Orange and Blue and GREEN TOO!

The team that attended Generate 2011, along with their peers in the Environment Club, is doing their part to advance energy literacy in the province. They are putting together a video that highlights Alberta’s energy sources with a focus on methods to reduce energy consumption such as recycling. The video will be presented to the whole school in September and will set the stage for a year focused on sustainability.

Calgary Academy, Calgary
Energized about energy conservation

Recycling is now a way of life at Calgary Academy as this team worked hard to ensure labeled bins made it easy for their peers to toss appropriately.  This team was so energized by their first initiative they are now perusing a no-idling campaign. With energy conservation as the theme they are working towards “idle-free zone” signs for their parking lot and educational events like solar powered car races and energy saving days where everyone is encouraged to walk, bike, run or carpool to school.

W.G. Murdoch High School, Crossfield
The 3 E’s of environmental awareness = eagerness, excitement and enthusiasm!

The last week of May will be an exciting time for the staff and students at W.G. Murdoch! With 4 full days of presentations, games and challenges this team hopes to use the ideas and knowledge gained at Generate 2011 to increase awareness about energy in Alberta and all the actions everyone can take to lessen their own environmental footprint.

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