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Miller Western

TOPIC: BioEnergy

Millar Western’s BioEnergy Facility was built in 2017 in Whitecourt Alberta – the plant uses leftover organic matter from the pulp mill to creat electricity and heat that is used in the mill.


TOPIC: Coke Boiler Replacement Project

Suncor’s Oil Sands operations require steam, which until now has been produced by petroleum coke boilers. Petroleum coke is a high-carbon byproduct of refining oil which releases high amounts of greenhouse gases when burned. The new plant will use natural gas and be a “cogneneration plant”, meaning that it will produce both electricity that can be used in operations, and heat water to produce steam. This will be more efficient, and natural gas produces far fewer emissions than burning petroleum coke.

3 Nations Energy

TOPIC: 3NE Solar Farm/ Indigenous Solar Cabins

3 Nations Energy is a partnership between the three Fort Chipewyan Nations – Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, the Mikisew Cree First Nation, and Fort Chipewyan Metis Association. In November of 2020, they opened the largest solar farm in a remote Canadian community, the solar farm at Fort Chipewyan.