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Welcome to Southern Alberta!
Southern Alberta is a hub where many of Alberta’s industries intersect. The density of natural gas exploration, combined with massive potential for wind and solar energy makes southern Alberta a leader in electricity production.


As a class, use this time to explore the resources listed below. This is your opportunity to learn more about energy projects in your region. We’ve curated a short list for you to explore, but feel free to expand your search to see what else is happening! 

In addition to the projects listed, we’ve asked energy experts to contribute their thoughts, listed under Regional Perspectives. These videos are intended to offer you an inside look into various organizations related to energy across Alberta.

As you explore, we invite you to consider the following questions
to help focus your exploration and stimulate discussion among your class.

  • What projects were new or surprising to your class?
  • Which project is the most exciting to you? Why?
  • Were there any terms you didn’t understand?
  • What opportunities exist for energy in “region”
  • What are the challenges of energy projects in “region”
  • Do you know someone working in energy?
  • How can you contribute to Alberta’s energy future?

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Southern Alberta covers a large range of diverse landscapes, resources, and municipalities. It’s in this zone that we find most of Alberta’s fastest growing renewable energy resource: wind! Near Pincher Creek, wind energy is being coupled with battery storage in one incredible project. Traveling east we arrive in Lethbridge, an agricultural hub, and destination where biogas is formed from manure. Veering north we dock our starship in Vulcan and explore how a place designed to play and relax has been enhanced with solar photovoltaic panels.


There are many interesting stories and perspectives on energy in Alberta.
We asked several energy experts to share their thoughts on the following questions:

Tell us about an exciting energy project you are working on.
How is your organization addressing climate change?
What sparked your interest in working in the energy sector?
What advice would you give young energy leaders?

Explore what they have to say!


Now that you’ve learned about some of the up and coming projects happening in your region,
take some time to explore the rest of Alberta!