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Virtual Edition

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Inside Education will provide all the tools you need to learn about the energy in your community with curated content featuring local energy projects, interviews with leading energy experts, video tours, and climate simulations. 

We invite you to Explore Energy in the region that best represents where you live.

Your Energy Future – Discussion & Expert Q & A

Stephanie Ripley – MCCAC
Wes Jickling – COSIA
Jan Gorski – Pembina Institute


Get your supplies ready and rally your team spirit!

This offline design challenge will test your speed, skills, and energy know-how in the classroom and beyond. Everything you need will be provided to your school prior to the start of the program.

1:15 – 2:00

A+ For Energy | GRANT

Hear how other students around the province are making a difference in their schools and communities. Then you’ll develop an action plan to share your enthusiasm for energy with others. Inside Education will also explain how your school could receive $5000 to make your energy project a reality!

Head back to your Team Folders and open the Generate Project Planning document for next steps!

Project Showcase & Generate Closing Remarks